"commesso fiorentino"

This model has been realized in only one copy, to be part of our exclusive masterpieces collection. The base of the cabinet is made in solid wood, 100% hand carved, and plated in shining gold, using antique technique with which gold is applied only using naturals glues and fixing coatings (rabbit or fish glue), using brushes made with furs of animals.
But the most interesting part of the object is for sure the top part.

The exterior decoration is made with astonishing precious stones and marble inlay.
It is an artisanal technique which does not emply any machinary,.
This is very rare and peculiar technique, even for Italy: the marble and precious stones (lare hollowed and cut so that they can perfectly fit toghether, seamlessly as if it were a painting.
It is a technique that is totally performed by hand and it is very rare to find: I think that in Italy today no more than 5 workshops are able to work like this.

This art has an old history and was born in Florence in the romanic period.
But developed fully in the renaissance period, under the Medici family. It became famous in the XVI century, when Ferdinando I de’Medici made official law for which these works could have been done only after request of the Medici family. Many masterpieces of the italian Renaissance period architecture use this decoration art.

Its name is “commesso fiorentino”. It comes from the latin world committere (put toghether, unify) and indicates the composition of works of art using marbles and hard stones of different colour, cut and shaped folowing a specific drawing, in a way that the junction lines between the different pieces are almost not visible. The result is to have a representation the closest possible to a painting. 

The cutting is made not using the latest waterjets techniques, but in the traditional way, using a small wooden arch with a combination of iron wire and abrasive powders.
After, the pieces are glued together and polished.

In this pieces, you can find columns made with precious lapislazzuli stone, inserts of malachite and amethista, and a variety of marble of different colours, creating on each door an extraordinary painting.
The wooden structure of this upper part is made of ebony wood coming from the island of Macassar, and the doors and columns are framed with bronzes decorations, with a shining finishing in 24K gold bath.
The realizing of this item took six months of time. The marble inlay was realized by one artist, with the help of his assistant.
This artist is particularly talented and realized for example the support and cover for the biggest Kuran in the world, located in Kazan.
As you understood this cabinet is a masterpiece, created using the best materials and craftsmen, and the fact that both or these are unfortunately disappearing in this world makes it really unique.


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