Passions and emotions

The bedroom becomes a stage where emotions and passions arise bygone styles are not forgotten, rather enhanced, while the art of making something beautiful turns into a subtle approach that just a few furnishings can offer.

canopy, bed and night table Art. 508

detail canopy Art. 508

small table, applique, chaiselongue, dressing table,  mirror and stool Art. 508

night table Art. 508

bed and night table Art. F218

wardrobe Art. W100 - dressing table Art. F79 - bench Art. 1006

wardrobe Art. W100 - double hinges door Art. P100

bed and night table Art. F973 - bench Art. F754

bed Art. F973 - night table Art. F973B - bench Art. F754

dressing table Art. F973/B - mirror Art. F373 - stool Art. F753

dressing table and mirror Art. F973/A - stool Art. F753


bedroom Art. 305 - mirror Art. 305B - chair Art. F867

bed with canopy Art. F517

bedroom Art. 312/A


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